Chateau De Versailles- The Grand Apartments

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The name itself suggests, “Grand”! And believe me; it truly lives up to its name. Huge marble columns, rich gilded ceilings, stunning tapestries, exquisite furniture..the list is endless; the Grand Apartments have it all. The château houses King’s and Queen’s apartments, the famed Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Chapel, the Mesdames’ apartments, and many more.

The King’s Grand Apartments has many apartments or Salons. The interesting feature is that many of these salons are named after the Greek/Roman gods.  The interiors of these apartments are luxurious beyond imagination. In fact, each apartment is a museum on its own.

Hercules Salon

The Hercules Salon, the first salon of the King’s Grand Apartments, but was the last one to be created. This has the famous painting by Veronese, ” The Meal at the House of Simon“.

Hercules Salon_Ceiling

The Ceiling of the Hercules Salon, has a stunning masterpiece, ” Apotheosis of Hercules“.

Abundance Salon

The Abundance Salon, the place of wining and dining!

Venus Salon

The Venus Salon, presents the maximum of Baroque decor.

Diana Salon

The Diana Salon, the place for evening soirees and billiards.

Celeing Apollo Salon

The Apollo Salon, perceived to be the grandest of all salons. The salon has scarlet red interiors and a grand ceiling that shows every inch of grandeur.

Ceiling Mars Salon

The Mars Salon, also known as the Ballroom, was famous for music and dance. This is a photograph of the section of ceiling of the the Mars Salon. Pity..the salon was overcrowded for a decent photograph of the salon. Moral of the story is, if you want great photographs, you should be at Versailles by 9:00 AM 🙂

Mercury Salon

The Mercury Salon was originally the parade chamber, later gave way for installing the gaming tables. This had valuable artefacts in gold and silver, which were melted down to finance the Spanish War of Succession.

King's Bedchamber

The King’s bedchamber, opulently done in gold and silver brocade.

King's Council Chamber

The King’s Council Chamber, adjacent to the bedchamber. I love the quiet elegance of blue and gold brocade.

The Queen’s Grand Apartments are no less in taste, style, and luxury to the King’s apartments. In fact, they have the dainty sophistication befitting the royal ladies of their time. There are few detailed pictures for the queen’s apartments. When I visited Versailles, the tourist season was at its peak and among the sea of human skulls, it was virtually impossible to get sane photographs 🙂

Queen Chamber

The Queen’s Chamber, replete in gold is a homage to the ultimate luxury. Nineteen “Children of France” were born here.

Queen Chamber_1

A rich and ornate seat in the Queen’s chamber. I was spellbound with the gilded details.

Nobles Salon

The Nobles Salon, was the antechamber where the Queen would hold audience with ladies of the court. 

Marie-Antoinette had the Nobles Salon redecorated to the apple green damask, much influenced by the latest English fashion. I loved the ornate carpet of the salon.

The antechamber of the Grand Couvert

The antechamber of the Grand Couvert, this was the seat of grandiose dining amidst much fanfare and rituals.

Other apartments, such as the Mesdames’ Apartments are equally grand. In fact there is no corner in the palace that could be termed ordinary, tame, or austere by any chance. In the eighteenth century, Mesdames’ de France was a collective reference to the unwed daughters of Louise XV who lived in the royal court. Among the Mesdames’, the apartments of Madame Adélaïde and Madame Victoire are truly spellbinding.


Madame Adelaide’s Large Chamber done in pastel shades and gold. The room had a chimney of Serancolin marble.

Madame Adelaide’s Bedchamber

Madame Adelaide’s Bedchamber, gorgeous in pale colors and gold was much noted for its “Summer Furniture”.

Bedroom of Madame Victoire

Madame Victoire’s Bedchamber, ornate and rich, was previously owned by Madame Adelaide. Her chamber was also known as “Petit Cabinet Bleu“.

Bedroom of Madame Victoire_2

A beautiful seat in Madame Victoire’s bedchamber.

Carpet Madam Victoire

A stunning carpet in bright colors in the Madame Victoire’s bedchamber.

Bedroom of Madame Victoire_1

Madame Victoire’s Interior Cabinet in her bedchamber.

Second AnteChamber of Madam Victoire

Madame Victoire’s Second Antechamber, the floors and walls were covered with marble was a former bath chamber.

Madame Victoire’s Second Antechamber

The ornate folding screen from the Savonnerie and a chinese style wall clock add richness to Madame Victoire’s Second Antechamber.

Madame Victoire’s Large Chamber

The Grand Cabinet of Madame Victoire in her Large Chamber. 

The Large chamber of Madame Victoire was largely redecorated and has a harpsichord by Blanchet which is a testimony of Madame Victoire’s love for music. They say Madame was herself an accomplished player of harpsichord, that Mozart dedicated the first six sonatas for harpsichord to her.

Sometimes they say that the best is saved for the last. Keeping true to the saying, I end this post with the infamous Hall of Mirrors.

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors is an ultimate salute to the extreme luxury and extravagance of the palace. Three hundred and fifty seven mirrors adorn the gallery. Replete with gorgeous chandeliers, sculptures, and candelabras, one can only feel fortunate enough to see and feel to be a part of an era that probably changed the way France was and is now. On one hand the luxury of Chateau De Versailles is a cruel reminder of the huge divide between the royalty and commoners and on the other hand, it is also a true celebration of the marvels of what a human mind is capable of. I say my silent prayers for those who suffered and express my admiration to those thousands of hands who perfected this great architectural dream in gold.

  1. Beautiful pictures and well written. Versailles is indeed a gem in the crown of France.

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