Why Shunya Diaries????

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

IMG_0745The toughest thing when you want to start a “blog” is to choose an appropriate title. Now, I was thoroughly struggling what title my blog could possibly have? OKAYYYY…time to actually think what exactly I want to blog about. First thing that came to mind was travel.Now, I do a reasonable share of travelling, and certainly do not classify as a travel blogger. I really don’t have tons of patience to write in detail of all places and sights that I travel. Believe me, most of the places have already been documented beautifully well by hundreds of travel enthusiasts. Next thing on the mind was FOOD..Well..such a comforting topic to dwell on, but then I am no gourmet chef, and what is there to tell about how to make a certain mutton, chicken, or paneer..I would rather tell everyone to follow Vikas Khanna or Jamie Olivier ( love him)..After this topics just don’t end.. In my mind, I have a total jigsaw of politics, people, humanitarian crisis related stuff, pets..the list just doesn’t end..SO..I decided, that I would blog about anything under cosmos that I loved or found interesting and worth penning down few lines.

And, that is where SHUNYA stems from. Shunya means, “Void…this ‘nothingness’ from which the entire Universe originated”. (Adapted from http://vijaymohankohli.blogspot.in/2014/02/shunyaemptynessvoid.html).

Therefore, the Void and the Universe aka Cosmos are the two sides of the same coin. And, I want to pen down and photograph my experiences of this beautiful void called the Universe as I observe it everyday..so, here are the Shunya Diaries..


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